Monday, January 6, 2014

Technicolor Yawn

Try as I might to resist commenting on the inane letters to the editor in the local newspaper of record in my adopted hometown of Leavenworth, Washington (above), sometimes it’s just an itch that needs to be scratched. Here is a sampling from last week’s issue.

“I think modern day liberalism is a mental illness and we have seen that proven time and time again. How about this flash of common sense? We ban liberals from possessing guns and ban liberals from the school systems until they can pass a mental health check. Being a liberal Democrat is prima facie evidence of a mental disorder.”

This writer, a regular contributor known in the Upper Wenatchee Valley for his ability to spew the most vile, misguided and disgusting retch possible (the so-called "technicolor yawn"), has been dubbed as the “Sage of Peshastin” -- totally tongue in cheek, of course. My response, typically brief and to the point, is as follows:

To the editor: Wow. Just finished reading the over-the-top diatribe on “liberals” by Bill Cowles in the 1/1/14 edition of The Leavenworth Echo. I have news for you, Mr. Cowles. Most Americans are neither liberal nor conservative. The majority of citizens is in that large middle area of the bell curve known as “the center.”

Until you are able to acknowledge that fact, then you will continue to be a “fringe player” on the right end of the spectrum, with no more credibility than the “liberals” on the left side whom you so methodically eviscerate in your letter.

I can only assume that The Echo printed your screed because: a.) the publisher was hard up for letters to the editor last week; b.) he’s looking for more letters next week in response to your invective; c.) both of the above. I’m going to guess “c.” -- Gonzo