Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Namsan Mountain

Namsan (South Mountain), located near my hotel in Myeong-dong, is accessible by many different points of departure in the city of Seoul.

Like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, N' Seoul Tower -- located on the summit of Namsan -- became a symbol of Seoul when it was constructed as a broadcasting transmission tower in 1969.

When it first opened for public access, Namsan became a popular place for locals to hike and relax, with an outstanding 360 degree panorama from the mountain's peak. During the busy season, over 30,000 people visit Namsan.

On weekends, Namsan features a wide array of exhibits, and both performing arts and visual art displays -- like this human figure constructed of chicken wire (right).

The easiest and most scenic route to the base of the tower is by cable car. Daytime views are great when the sky isn't filled with smog or yellow dust, and the evening views are outstanding.

Namsan is one of two of the best places to appreciate the megalopolis of the Greater Seoul Metropolitan Area.

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