Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Facebook Foibles

Gonzo is into Facebook as much as the next person. However, even he has limits when it comes to annoying posts. Herewith is the countdown for Gonzo’s Top Five Cardinal Sins On Facebook.

Number 5 -- Too much information. There should be limits to how much one shares on Facebook. So, be it pictures of dinner or comments on the banality of everyday existence, he doesn’t need to know one's every move. Keep it in the mind's eye, where it belongs.

Number 4 -- Too much braggadocio. A little self-confidence is a good thing, to be sure, but let’s not go overboard. Gonzo attended 12 years of Catholic schools, so he can recognize a bullshit artist when he sees one –- and he can pick one out of a crowd.

Number 3 -- Too much profanity. Gonzo knows all the words and can curse a blue streak with the best, when necessary. But he won’t abide a potty mouth on his timeline where his boss can see it. His advice? Develop a vocabulary.

Number 2 -- Too much harassment. Don’t debate the merits of an issue and then do a touchdown dance on his head in an attempt to end the discussion. If it happens again, Gonzo will suggest a face-to-face meeting. He'll be accompanied by his friends Guido and Antoine: big guys with nothing much to lose.

Number 1 -- Too many insults. If you want to be friends, you can’t bemoan public employees as a pox on civilization. Gonzo has been a public employee most of his life. He is not the enemy. He did not accept bailout money and then give himself a multi-million dollar bonus. He goes to work and lives within his means.

Having said that, Gonzo will not pull the lever on the trap door for one -- or even more than one -- violation of “the code.” But he may hide chronic offenders to spare himself some angst. For more, check out Facebook Manners and You.

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