Thursday, August 10, 2017

Nascent Nostalgia

As the date approached for my 50th grade school reunion, I had an epiphany: when I had completed by academic career at Ascension Catholic School in Portland, Oregon in 1967, I had spent over half my life (eight of my 14 years) with virtually the same classmates. The significance of that fact had not been lost upon me.

And so we gathered to meet in my hometown, the City of Roses, in some cases for the first time in five decades. I had remained connected with a number of those in attendance over the years, but nonetheless, the environment was rife with remembrances and reminiscing what it was like growing up in the 60s.

Those in attendance (above) from the Ascension Catholic Grade School, Class of 1967 included: (top row, from left) Linda Fleck, Debi Aschenbrener, Kathy O'Meara, Sarah Bachhuber, Sharon Acker, Barb Cogan; (bottom row, from left) Tim Nashif, Mark Wonser. Mitch Leary, Bob Engleheart, Jeff Shields and John Mitchell.

Tip of the fedora to Tim and Valerie Nashif, who hosted the soiree at their home next to The Grotto on Rocky Butte, and to everybody who helped spread the word in an effort to promote the event. In fact, word on the street is we had some much fun that plans are underway for another reunion in Portland next summer.

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