Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Reformation Central

Because of its historical propensity toward neutrality, Geneva became a principal breeding ground for the Protestant Reformation, and Switzerland escaped much of the trauma caused by the religious Thirty Years War. Huldrych Zwingli began preaching the protestant word in Zurich and John Calvin practiced in Geneva.

While on a free walking tour of old town Geneva, a key stop was the Reformation Wall (above) depicting the leaders of the movement, including William Farel, John Calvin, Thodore Beza and John Knox, in statues and bas-reliefs. The motto of both the Reformation and Geneva is engraved on either side: “After darkness, light.”

The site, on the grounds of the University of Geneva, was built into the old city walls. Despite its solemn nature (full name: International Monument to the Reformation), local artists have created less serious images of the monument. That day, the city museum featured the "Yellow Submarine" version of the lads (below).

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